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Field Moves July 2016

NSSA are so proud of the following skaters who all passed their Field Moves Tests today, 100% pass rate again girls - well done xx

Chloe Jarvis

 Lucie Jarvis

Eve Longworth

 Anna Longworth

Yana Iwanskyj

Shanelle Clark

 Georgia Walker

 Mia Alexander

 Hannah Long

 Grace Handbury

 Helen Smith

 Freya McGarva 

Frozen Kingdom Gala 2016

The NSSA Juvenile, Novice and Junior teams were invited to compete in the NIC Frozen Kingdom gala. It was a high quality gala and a great way for the Juvenile and Novice teams to end their seasons. The Juvenile team deserve a special mention learning a whole new routine in two weeks to fit in with the Frozen Kingdom theme.

Mozart Cup 2016

The Icicles and the Shadows have recently returned from the Mozart Cup in Salzburg Austria. In a very strong Junior competition led by Russia, the USA and Finland, the Icicles finished in 10th place from 19 teams. In the Free skate the Icicles finished in 9th place just behind the Italian and German teams. This puts them in a good position to improve on their 14th place at last year's Junior World Championships in the Junior World Challenge Cup in March in Zagreb.


The Shadows produced the best result ever by an NSSA Novice team finishing in 3rd place, from an entry of 8, behind two strong Finnish teams. This is the first time our Novice team has made the podium in an international ISU competition. Well done Shadows!!

British Championships 2016

We had the perfect set of results at the British Synchronized Skating Championships on the 16th and 17th of January, with all 6 teams winning gold medals in their categories. A huge congratulations to all of our skaters and a big thanks to our coaches Esther, Lauren and Jemma. The full results for the competition can be found here http://www.icephoto.co.uk/Synchro1516/.

Belgium Update 2015 Season

Our Juvenile, Novice and Junior teams have just returned from the Winter Cup in Belgium. All of the teams skated really well and won gold medals in their categories. An especially well done to the alternates who stepped up and skated in the Juvenile and Novice teams.

Cardiff 2015

Congratulations to Icepops, Icetastic and Rocking Robins all three teams opened their seasons with gold medal winning performances in Cardiff.

Lee Valley 2015

The club had a great start to the season at the Lee Valley synchronized skating competition taking gold in the Novice and Junior categories with strong skates. Novice started their season scoring 38.08  and Junior 32.65 for the short and 63.01 for the free. We are very proud of all of the skaters, well done!

Sports Awards 2015

We are very excited with the club's success in the Nottingham Evening Post sports awards at which we were named Sports Club of the Year. The sports awards were on the same evening as our Dress Rehearsls but we were admirably represented by former members Dasha Roberts and Beth Parry together with Mark Robinson and Liz Parry.

Coaches Conference Sheffield

The Icicles were lucky enough to be asked to help demonstrate skating moves at the coaches conference in Sheffield on Sunday 9th August. They were fortunate to work with leading coach Cathy Dalton and ISU Technical director for Synchronized Skating Chris Buchanan

Summer Fitness

The Icicles showed their fitness at Wollaton Park, taking on British Military Fitness training, before a game of rounders on their summer team building day.

The only way is Up!

Members of the Novice squad conquered the heights at their recent team building event taking to the high ropes before demonstrating their skills on the high ropes.

Junior Training Camp

Our Junior team have spent the weekend working very hard with Esther, Lauren and Miru Penttinen from team Unique. Miru has been helping Esther and Lauren put the Junior team routines together for next season. Miru is one of the leading coaches in the world of synchronized skating and we are very lucky she has came to help our coaches prepare for next season.

NIC Gala 2015

Three of our teams and one of our coaches rounded off the 2014/15 season by performing at the National Ice Centre gala on Sunday. The Ice Pops, Silhouettes and Icicles all enjoyed performing. The Icicles and Silhouettes were skating their current programmes for the last time and are now all looking forward to learning new programmes for next season.

Le Havre Results 2015

Well done to the Rocking Robins who secured 7th place at their international competition in Le Havre over the weekend of 17 - 18th April. You skated well and the scores at the top half of the competition were all very close - we are very proud of you all.

Junior Worlds Competition Day 2

The Icicles had a fantastic second day at the worlds - posting an overall score of 100.55. We are so very proud of what they achieved at this competition - socring the highest ever score for a GBR team - breaking the 100 mark really is remarkable! Well done Icicles and a safe journey home for you, Esther Lauren and the NSSA parents out there supporting you.

Junior Worlds 2015

After good practices yesterday the girls are ready for the start of the competition today. The competition starts at 5.30pm UK time and the Icicles skate at 6.47pm. 

Icicles off to Junior Worlds - March 2015

The Icicles were on good form during their last practices on Sunday 8th March, before they head off to Junior Worlds in Croatia at 2.45am Tuesday morning (no-one at NSSA envies the early morning start!). Good luck Icicles - we look forward to hearing news of your progress and will be providing our usual NSSA support from home!

This Girl Can!

NSSA contributed to the national campaign supporting and encouraging female partiticpation in sport on 8th March.. Skaters were invited to bring a friend to their training session for some NSSA style fun on the ice! It was really good to see so many of our skaters and their friends enjoying themselves  These girls Can!


Trophy D'Ecosse Dumfries

Some photographic evidence has come in that reflects the great time our teams (and some of the parents) had whilst in Dumfries - there is bound to be more following but here is an initial insight.  It looks like Nexxice are the Robins' new best friends too!

It is clear that Flashmobs are here to stay at synchro competitions, but this is the first one with a penguin! No-one quite worked out the identity of the penguin but there are reports that Matt Clapp was missing for quite a while!

Trophy D'Ecosse Dumfries - Day 3

News from Dumfries - Icetastic have won Gold in the Preliminary category. Icetastic also come home with the Most Entertaining Programme of the day award. Well done Icetastic - enjoy your podium moment and we'll see you back safely in Nottingham soon. 


Well done to all our teams who have competed in Dumfries - you truly have made the club very proud of you all.

Trophy D'Ecosse Dumfries - Day 2

Great news continues to come from Dunfries with the Rocking Robins skating to their first Gold of the competitive season. To ensure they really had something to dance about at the Ceilidh, they were also awarded the Most Entertaining Programme of the day. Well done Robins - fantastic news and very well deserved.

Shadows also secured their second Gold medal of the season. Their score was comparable to that achieved at the British, factoring in the fall. Well done Shadows - you are gaining the consistency in your skates which will be a good foundation for next season.

We're very proud of all the teams that have skated so far and sending all our luck up the M6 for Icetastic tomorrow.


Trophy D'Ecosse Dumfries 2015

News in from Dumfries so far: Icepops have consolidated their performance from the British with a Gold at Dumfries. Having rubbed shoulders with Nexxice, there was only one way to go for them to impress their new best friends!

Silhouettes scooped silver in Dumfries after suffering from an unusual number of falls in their programme. Well done to both teams - we are so proud of you. 

Today we should be hearing about Rocking Robins and Shadows - good luck to these two teams - we're rooting for you back in Nottingham!


Full details of the draw and results can be found at http://www.icephoto.co.uk/TDE2015/index.htm

French Cup in Rouen 2015

The Icicles are in Rouen enjoying the skating standards of the French Cup. Without any domestic competition at this level this season, The French Cup was always going to be a tough competition for the team. It has however, given them some indication of where their programmes are set in relation to teams they will face in Croatia at Junior Worlds. Both programmes were affected by falls, which has had some bearing on the overall score. They have achieved a total score of 80.70 (26.26 for the short and 54.44 for the long). Well done Iccicles - you skated well and we are proud of you. 

British Synchronised Skating Championships 2015 NSSA Results

The 2015 British Synchronised Skating Championships has been a successful event for NSSA. 5 Golds, 1 Silver and Most Entertaining Programme for Icepops. A massive well done to all our skaters - you did so well and the club is very proud of you. We also must thank Esther and Lauren for all their hard work in getting you to be this successful! 

The Championships was slightly different for us this year, given that it was at our home rink - the National Ice Centre. The rink have been most impressed with a large number of volunteers who ensured the smooth running of the competition - it really would not have gone so well if it wasn't for you. Well done everyone - team sport - collective effort - great results.

Great Start to the British Synchronised Skating Championships 2015

Teams from across the UK joined NSSA in the Old Market Square in Nottingham to perform a Flashmob dance. The number of skaters involved drew media interest from the Nottingham Evening Post (story can be found at http://www.nottinghampost.com/Flash-mob-Old-Market-Square-kicks-British/story-25878174-detail/story.html#3rk8y3TWV2LCdzLU.01).

We are very excited that the British is at the National Ice Centre and hope all our visiting synchro friends will have a great time here in Nottingham.

British Synchronised Skating Championships 2015

NSSA skaters and parents would like to welcome and wish all the teams participating at the British Synchronised Skating Championships this coming weekend - 17th and 18th January - the very best of luck. We hope you have a great visit to Nottingham.


Three teams headed to Cardiff on Monday 17th November. Their progress was reported back to those of us back in Nottingham eager to find out how they were doing. They started the day with a lively rendition of 'happy birthday' to Tina - which will be kept as video evidence for some time to come! Next came the skating. All three teams skated well to post scores comparable with those achieved at Lee Valley earlier in the season: Silhouettes - 34.61; Shadows - 35.25; Rocking Robins - 38.58. Well done to all three teams - once again - we are all proud of you.

Lee Valley

The start of any season brings with it a sense of excitement and nervousness as we take our programmes under the scrutiny of the judges. Four teams travelled to Lee Valley for the first competition of the season to see how our programmes would fare: Junior, Advanced Novice, Juvenile and Mixed Age. Icicles took to the ice with their short programme first and despite a fall posted 32.06 – slightly higher than this time last season. Whilst two falls in the long programme would have affected the score, the Icicles posted 60.31 to earn them 92.37 overall. Given the very challenging nature of the required elements in the Junior programmes for this season, this is a useful benchmark for the Icicles as they now work towards the British.

Silhouettes were up next and gave an impressive performance, full of character that brought out the character of the music well. They also suffered from a fall, but this did not impact greatly on the score of 34.35 which is a great start to the season for this young Juvenile team.

Advanced Novice had a lot to live up to – skating to the same music that earned last year’s Novice team the highest ever score for a British Novice team. Shadows did not disappoint. They proved their worth with a faultless skate, earning them an impressive score of 41.17. This really will be a team to watch as the season progresses.

Mixed Age had a long wait from the early morning start of 4.00am and the largest category to compete in. This clearly did not phase the Rocking Robins as they too had a faultless skate and posted a score of 38.88.

What a great start to the season for all teams – a HUGE well done to you, Esther and Lauren for all the work you have put into this competition. We really are very proud of you!

Juvies Just Chilling with Jane and Chris

The Juvenile Silhouettes were a little star struck when Jane and Chris turned up to one of their training sessions. Not to miss a photographic opportunity - they got their request in fast and Jane and Chris willingly obliged making our young Silhouettes very happy indeed!

Mixed Age Bucking Bronco Bravery

The Rocking Robins' Social event was held at Elton Guide Camp on Sunday 31st August.  All skaters from the current team and from last season were invited with their families: 45 people came together for the evening. They had a great time enjoying the fantastic weather, a barbecue, grass sledging, team games and a Bucking Bronco, which was popular with skaters and parents alike and raised a lot of laughs. Unfortunately, Mixed Age aren't sharing the photographic evidence of those who fell off!


c/o National Ice Centre

Bolero Square



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Icicles chosen as NISA Performance Squad



NSSA are proud of our Icicles team as  NISA announce their Synchro Performance Squad 2016-2017.

See Link below for more details:




Nottingham Synchronised Skating Academy

Nottingham Evening Post 'Sports Club of the Year 2015'


Club AGM Sunday 8th May 2016

All AGM documents are available in the AGM section.

2015 - 2016 Season


The last season saw all of the NSSA teams continue to improve leading to a very impressive set of results:


Elementary Icepops: Gold – Cardiff; Gold - British Synchronized Skating Championships; Gold – Bradford; Bronze - Trophy D'Ecosse, Dumfries


Preliminary Icetastic: Gold – Cardiff; Gold - British Synchronized Skating Championships; Gold – Bradford; Gold - Trophy D'Ecosse, Dumfries


Mixed Age Rocking Robins: Gold - Cardiff; Gold -  British Synchronized Skating Championships; Gold - Trophy D'Ecosse, Gold – Kempen Trophy, Turnhout, Belgium


Juvenile Silhouettes: Gold - Cardiff;  Gold – Winter Cup, Gullegum Belgium; Gold -  British Synchro Championships; Gold - Trophy D'Ecosse, Dumfries


Novice Shadows: Gold - Lee Valley;  Gold – Winter Cup, Gullegum Belgium; Gold - British Synchronized Skating Championships; Bronze – Mozart Cup, Salzburg Austria, Gold - Trophy D'Ecosse, Dumfries


Junior Icicles: Gold- Lee Valley; Gold – Winter Cup, Gullegum Belgium; Gold - British Synchronized Skating Championships; 9th place – Mozart Cup, Salzburg Austria: 15th place – Syncronized Skating Junior World Challenge Cup, Zagreb Croatia


As a club we are extremely proud of what our skaters have achieved over the past season and look forward to the 2016-2017 season.


Can we remind all skaters that there is a strict uniform for training: black  t-shirt ); pale blue fleece (if you have one - we are looking to replace this due to supplier issues); dark blue body warmer; NSSA leggings. You also need to make sure you have your hair in a neat bun and that all jewellery is taken off.



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